Church at Home

During the Coronavirus outbreak we might not be able to have church as usual, but we will post sermons, Sunday School lessons and more here.

Sermon 3/21

Worship 3/21

Communion 3/21

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Videos from previous weeks

Sermon March 14th

Worship March 14th

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Worship March 7th

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Worship Feb 28

Sermon Feb 28

Sermon Feb 21

Communion Feb 21

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Worship Feb 7th

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Sermon November 15th

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Sermon November 8th

Worship November 8th

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Sermon November 1st

Worship November 1st

Communion November 1st

Sermon October 25th

Worship October 25th

Communion October 25th

Sermon October 18th

Worship October 18th

Communion October 18th

Sermon October 11th

Worship October 11th

Communion October 11th

Sermon October 4th

Worship October 4th

Sermon August 23rd

Communion August 23rd

Worship August 23rd

Sermon August 16th

Worship August 16th

Communion August 16th

Sermon August 9th

Communion August 9th

Worship August 9th

Sermon August 2nd

Worship August 2nd

Communion August 2nd

Sermon July 26th

Sunday School July 26th

Worship July 26th

Communion July 26th

Sermon July 19th

Sermon July 12th

Sunday School July 12th

Worship July 12th

Communion July 12th

Sermon July 5th

Sunday School July 5th

Sermon June 28

Sunday School June 28

Worship June 28th

Communion June 28th

Message June 21

Sunday School June 21

Sermon June 14

Sunday School June 14

Worship June 14

Communion June 14

Sermon June 7

Sunday School June 7

Communion June 7

Worship June 7

Sermon May 31st

Sunday School May 31st

Worship May 31st

Communion May 31st

Sermon May 24th

Sunday School May 24th

Worship May 24th

Communion May 24th

Sermon May 17th

Worship May 17th

Communion May 17

Sunday School May 17

Sermon May 10th

Worship May 10th

Communion May 10th

Sunday School May 10th

Sermon May 3rd

Sunday School May 3rd

Worship May 3rd

Communion May 3rd

Sermon April 26th

Worship April 26th

Communion April 26th

Sunday School April 26th

Sermon April 19th

Worship April 19th

Communion April 19th

Sunday School April 19th

Sermon March 29th

Worship March 29th

Sunday School March 29th

Sermon March 15th

Sunday School March 15th

Worship March 15th

Sermon March 22nd

Sunday School March 22nd

Worship March 22nd

Communion March 22nd

Sermon April 5th – Palm Sunday

Sunday School April 5th

Worship April 5th

Communion Meditation April 5th

Sermon April 12th – Easter

Sunday School April 12th – Easter

Worship April 12th – Easter

Communion April 12th – Easter